Host Parents Die In Murder-suicide!

Man shots his wife and then himself on 4th of July (American holiday), leaving two children and an au pair behind.

3 months ago, 24 year old Laura Rojas arrived from Colombia to be an au pair in the USA, at the Talarico family in North Carolina.

Laura Rojas (front left), former au pair of the Talarico family

Besides the tragedy that left loved ones and two children behind, what about the au pair?

A group of people within the au pair community in the USA are standing together for Laura after her au pair agency, Culture Care Au Pair, treated her with no ‘care’ after this misfortune.

According to Danny, a friend of Laura, she was told by Culture Care that she will have one month to decide if she’d like to stay in the USA as an Au Pair or return home. The company contacted Laura’s parents in Colombia and told them that Laura will be staying in a hotel while things are resolved. Apparently Laura did not stay in a hotel but at an LCC’s (Community Counselor from Culture Care) house under uncomfortable conditions. Not long after culture care threatened Laura to sign papers that protects the agency against any lawsuit. She was told that they won’t pay her flight back home (Colombia) if she does not sign the documents.

Apparently, Culture Care lacked in providing proper psychological therapy and assistance to Laura.

On the morning of July 11, 2018, Laura received a phone call from Culture Care to inform her that they booked a flight back home to Colombia. The flight was booked for 8pm on that same day. So she was told. An LCC took her to the airport in the afternoon. It turnes out that it was the wrong time and that her flight was actually at 5:45pm.

Laura contacted the Department of State to report the situation. According to a friend of Laura’s, the State Department can’t do anything since she’s not in the USA anymore. Her au pair friends said that they will continue to contact the Department of State on behalf of Laura.

The au pair community is also raising money on behalf of Laura. She went into debt to be able to pay for the au pair program fee. Since she has only been an au pair for 3 months, she was not able to save enough money to repay it. If you’d like to contribute, please give a donation. Her friend Danny says that even $1 will be appreciated!,73-7d1ba56d92e64d53&pc=ot_co_campmgmt_

Share this story to raise awareness and to help Laura! Also check out the #TogetherForLauraRojas movement her friends are creating on Instagram and be part of it!

Resource and full story of the suicide-murder:

Au Pair Community, it’s time to stand together. Be a part. Show your support. #TogetherForLauraRojas

Continue reading on the latest update:

Written by Nitanja Steyn @ Au Pair Buzz

12 July 2018

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5 thoughts on “Host Parents Die In Murder-suicide!

  1. Why is $5000 being raised for her? Does it even cost that much to be in the program? The tragedy here is that two people were killed, NOT that an AuPair was sent back home after a month. Why does the agency need to provide her anything other than a safe flight home?? Why are people milking this tragedy for selfish reasons…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Are you an Au pair ? Probably not, that’s why you don’t get it. This is not about being selfish. It’s traumatic for the person who came abroad to have an amazing time. The fact the agency didn’t support her, lied to her family back home & pressured her to give a decision of staying or not it’s just unacceptable. Of course two people died. People die every day, all the time, for many reason. But when it’s people close to you because you live with them & take care of their kids, you need more than just an “online therapy”. Vanessa, you make no sense. & if people want to help financially, why not ? She had a loan for her program, you don’t know her life, some people don’t have the money to go as an Au pair & ask banks for money when family or themselves come provide. So before being just a hater, try to understand & have empathy. How would you react if you were in her case ? Probably wouldn’t feel that great huh.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Thanks for your comment!

      Au Pair Buzz is not raising money for Laura. We are merely sharing the facts. A group of friends are raising the money for Laura. Furthermore to answer your question, yes, to become an au pair abroad carries a lot of expenses. It’s an extra load on the person or her supporting family back home. Especially when there’s literally not extra money as a lot of people right across the globe literally do life on a survival income.

      Au pair Buzz do pay our condolences for the lost of two life’s. Au pair Buzz were created to accompany the interest of those directly within the au pair program. Thus in this case our priority are the interest of the Au Pair.


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