People used to “dress up” to get on a plane!

Yes! You read correctly; Boarding a plane was ‘once upon a time’ a very fancy thing to do. It was new and limited. It was definitely not the way we experience it today.Imagine doing shopping for a new suite or a beautiful full length red dress for your next flight abroad.Now your biggest concerns when hopping on a long flight are your hopes for good food and some of the newest movies on the plane.Airplane tickets are still very expensive and I’ve learned to enjoy every flight I get on. I pay a lot for the journey, I better get my money’s worth out of it!South Africa feels far from everything, it’s because we actually are. My longest travel,from South Africa, with a 2 hour lay over was a 25 hour trip in total. My longest direct flight to South Africa was a 20 hour trip.

Flight from the USA to SA. 11 May 2018

When traveling abroad as an au pair, keep this in mind:1. Check in online 24 hours prior to your departure. Normally you can also then select your seat.2. Selecting your seat: I prefer a window seat. I like to use the side as support to take a nap and I know that I don’t need to get up every hour to use the toilets. I don’t like risking the person next to me getting up all the time and disturbing me. If you know you would be the one who needs to get up all the time, then rather take a aisle seat. If you’re flying with a friend book the two seats on the sides in a row of three seats with the middle one open between you guys. If it’s not a full flight chances are rare that someone will select the seat between you guys. If that happens then just ask to switch seats to be next to your friend again. If it does not happen you guys score an extra seat!3. Make sure you get up a few times! I like to do some stretching at the back of the plane where there’s a small kitchen area normally. Sometimes right before I use the bathroom or after, I find a spot to stand and just stretch it out. It might look funny at first, until you see others doing what you’re doing. It’s very good to keep your blood bumping through your body.4. Stay hydrated! Try to drink enough water prior to your trip. This way your body is already hydrated. Start to focus on taking in enough fluids 4-5 days prior to your departure day. Preferably water. When they offer drinks make water your first choice. Things like coffee dehydrates you.5. I find it polite to greet and introduce myself slightly to the passenger next to me. But respect him or her since you would expect the same. Don’t talk the whole trip and let the person sleep if they want to!6. I always like to have a book to read with me. Normally I’m already busy with a book and I just take it along.7. Prior to my flight I like to download some podcast for my trip on my phone. Just in case I’m not that much in the mood to watch the movies they provided.8. When you pack your hand luggage, pack a small bag to place inside your hand luggage. You can even use a ziplock pack. I use the smaller bag to put in things that I know I will need once I’m seated. Like my chewing gum, headphones, chapstick and so forth. Once I find my seat on the plane I just take the small bag out of my carry on bag and I place my hand luggage in the overhead bin. Take not of where you place your passport once you’re on the plane! Never put it in the small pocket of the seat in front of you, I’ve heard of people who forget it in there.9. I like to wear a thin long sleeve top, since it can get chilly up in the air! Normally with long leggings or long pants. I also have a small blanket that have traveled with me to every country I have been. They normally do give you a small blanket as well.10. I always make sure to chew gum when the plane sets off into the air and when we land again. It keeps my ears open and I do not feel nauseous.

Remember to enjoy the flight! It’s expensive! You paid for this fun ride, get the most out of it!

If you have more tips to share for long flights please do so in the comment section below!

written by Nitanja @ Au pair Buzz

25 June 2018

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