10 Reasons Why You Should “Just Do It!”

I usually say that there’s only one way to experience life as an au pair, and that is by becoming an au pair abroad!

I’ve spoken to many people who consider to embark on a new journey as an au pair abroad. Hesitation, uncertainty and fear holds them back from pursuing their dreams and entering a world filled with adventures and opportunities. Therefore, I have created a list of 10 reasons why you should just sign up and do it!

1. Traveling to a place as a tourist is great! – But it’s only when you live somewhere that you get to experience the true culture. The daily life and routine that might be different from what you grew up with.

2. Being an au pair is a great opportunity for you to share your culture with others! At the same time, you get to know your culture more. It’s only when the things that you regard as regular are not around you anymore that you realize it’s only unique and related to your culture! One day we had a picnic and BBQ in the park. Everyone brought something to eat and drink to share. I brought an onion. Everyone was curious why I had an onion. I told them: “you know, it’s to clean the grill.” For a minute I got annoyed with everyone being stupid about my onion. Then I realized they are not being stupid as they truly did not understand what I wanted to do with the onion. In South Africa, people love to BBQ and we always clean the grill with an onion that’s sliced in half. Works excellent!! To me it was normal, to them it was something new.

Spring BBQ 2017, Falls Church,VA

3. You get to improve a language or learn a new language! In the Netherlands, I learned to speak Dutch. -Nu komt de aap uit de mouw – expression in Dutch used the moment when a hidden motive or the truth behind something is revealed. Such as this article that reveals that there’s more to life as an au pair than meets the eye. In the USA I rapidly improved my English. A great skill recognized worldwide these days.

4. It’s now or never! Really. If not now then when? Do it while you are still independent and have no dependence on you or any long-term commitments! Now, you are young! I realized that I don’t want to look back when I’m in my 70’s thinking that I should have signed up as an au pair.

5. “I have to study and finish my degree, I’m almost X-Years old…” No! Don’t let society draw up your life journey for you. Yes, education is important. You can always continue your studies or begin your studies after life as an au pair!

6. There is no better platform in life to gain real life knowledge than living abroad as an au-pair! Oh boy, the things I have learned are priceless! And now it will be forever a part of who I am. Make the world your personal university. It’s a world that can teach you whatever you need to learn.

7. The memories you make will be moments that will be engraved in your heart forever!

8. You will get to meet people from different cultures and backgrounds. This will change your way of thinking and how you see the world. It broadens your perspective and your view of life in general.

9. The food!! If you’re a foodie like me then this is the best part! If you think that your culture has the best food, wait till you see what food and candy the world has to offer to you!

10. Fun! Fun! Fun! The places you will be able to travel to and the amazing Instagram pictures you will be taking at spectacular places and destinations will make your friends and family back home jealous!

It’s truly a kind of journey you can only experience one way, and that is by becoming an au-pair abroad!

-Nitanja, Au Pair Buzz

19 June 2018

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