“Everyday I did something different.”

"Ever single day I did something different.” Felipe, from Brazil, shared this insight of what made it a great experience for him as an au pair in the USA. The lifestyle of an au pair is unlike an ordinary lifestyle. It is different. It’s a life filled with adventures and new things to do, to … Continue reading “Everyday I did something different.”

Choosing the right Au Pair agency for YOU!

Once you have decided that you want to go to America as an au pair, you have to make a decision on which agency you should pick. Do yourself a favor and research the agencies. Choosing the right au pair agency can at times make a difference on how you will experience your au pair year … Continue reading Choosing the right Au Pair agency for YOU!

People used to “dress up” to get on a plane!

Yes! You read correctly; Boarding a plane was 'once upon a time' a very fancy thing to do. It was new and limited. It was definitely not the way we experience it today.Imagine doing shopping for a new suite or a beautiful full length red dress for your next flight abroad.Now your biggest concerns when … Continue reading People used to “dress up” to get on a plane!

‘Hitting The Road’ with Elena Hassel!

44 out of 50! Elena visited 44 states during her time as an Au-pair in the USA! Elena became an au pair in Virginia in August 2015. She extend her first year to another full year with the same host family in Falls Church,VA. Her au pair program ended in August 2017. In her 25th … Continue reading ‘Hitting The Road’ with Elena Hassel!

“There I stood.” – Amsterdam

Museumplein,Amsterdam, 2015 There I stood. The water streaming down the drain. For a moment time was frozen. In this moment I took in the sound, the smell and the feeling of a place that was still very much unknown to me. I was in Amsterdam. 24 hours prior to being in Amsterdam I was still … Continue reading “There I stood.” – Amsterdam

10 Reasons Why You Should “Just Do It!”

I usually say that there’s only one way to experience life as an au pair, and that is by becoming an au pair abroad! I’ve spoken to many people who consider to embark on a new journey as an au pair abroad. Hesitation, uncertainty and fear holds them back from pursuing their dreams and entering … Continue reading 10 Reasons Why You Should “Just Do It!”